Once a year. Two weeks in the summer. Training teachers in English.


August Summer of 2020. 2 weeks. In partnership with CA Church.


We suport 3 missionary families currently serving in Argentina, Bolivia, and Italy.


International Teacher’s Institute

ITI has held interactive workshops and lectures to teach, train, and equip teachers since 1993. Eleanor McDouall and Marsha Piechnik lead this group.

Currently, ITI works with the Department of Education (Khmelnitsky Oblast) in Ukraine providing two week summer institutes to train teachers of English.

Looking for a great cross-cultural experience?

Join the ITI Team to work with Ukrainian teachers of English for 2 weeks in July. More details available on the International Teachers Institute website.

Mission to


Copper Canyon

Cascade is partnering with CA Church and Tarahumara Ministries. This is a two week mission, August 15-30, 2020. It will involve ministering to families & children, serving the poor and projects activities. Be prepared for some potential hiking.

Pastor Tomas Bencomo is the founder of Ministerios Tarahumara (Tarahumaras Ministries). It is through Tomas and the Tarahumaras Ministries that the team will be working with the Tarahumara Natives.

Tarahumaras Ministries is a non-profit organization founded by Tomas Bencomo. The purpose of the organization is to bring much needed assistance to the impoverished Tarahumaras Indians who live in Chihuahua, Mexico.