There’s plenty for you to get involved in. Below is a snapshot of some of the things Cascade’s does on a regular basis. 

Sunday Gatherings, 10AM

Every Sunday we gather as community to worship God, learn from the Scriptures, 

Women’s Community Group – Tuesday Mornings, 10AM

Tuesday mornings women from Cascade gather at one persons house for community, care, and studying the Bible. Anyone is welcome to attend. 

Sports Night, 7PM

Every Wednesday night Cascade Young Adults get together for a Afterwards, we usually hang out or play some game in the church’s gymnasium.

Community Lunches, Once a Month 
Life is better together. Some of the best moments in life happen around a shared meal.  So, once a month, usually the first Sunday of the month, we’ll share a meal together after our Sunday Gathering. This is a time for people to connect, dive deeper into each others lives. There’s no cost to this meal.