Devoted Disciples

Purpose. Without it work becomes a burden, pain is unbearable, life feels aimless. With purpose work drips full of possibIlities, pain awakens us God’s purposes, and life is filled with direction.
So, why are we here? You were made to know Jesus and embrace His Way.
In this series we start with our mission statement: We exist to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus and His Way. Then we look at five aspects vital to embracing the way of Jesus: Gospel, Identity, Community, Mission and Power.

Other Teaching Series:

Behold The Man

In Luke 23 and 24, Luke highlights the rejection of Jesus and His ministry. He’s accused of insurrection and of being guilty misleading people; he’s mocked as prophet and king. Everyone the religious, political, regular joe people have reject  Jesus.

Through it all, we see that this Jesus is indeed the Christ, Son of God, the King, who suffers and even dies for His people. Like the people described in these chapters, the claims of Jesus confronts you and demands response—Who is Jesus to you?

Stories of Advent

Advent, a version of the Latin word “coming,” is a time where we are reminded of the coming of God into the world in Jesus Christ. In this four week series we explore the stories that lead to Jesus coming in the Gospel of Luke.